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Top-quality services and products for IBM iSeries (AS/400) - for more than 20 years.


iSeries AS400 Software Development

26. September 2016
The right key for every door. Individual software development for IBM iSeries, previously known as AS/400, opens every door and every lock. Stay flexible, even in existing iSeries environments.

iSeries AS400 Technology

25. September 2016
Stable and reliable - for decades these have been the well known attributes of IBM iSeries. The care and maintenance should adhere to the same standards. Extensive know-how and years of experience are a good start...

iSeries AS400 High Availability

24. September 2016
Almost unlimited high-availability service for IBM AS/400 iSeries. A degree of security, that is not necessarily the standard in the world of power systems. In many cases it is not even customized to your individual needs.

IBM S/36 Support and Maintenance

23. September 2016
The S/36 system is the successor of the S/34, which was one of IBM's first interactive systems in the late 70's of the last century. But what does S/36 have to do with a smart world?

IT Emergency Plan & IT Documentation

22. September 2016
What does the sudden stop of your IT system mean for your company? Which measures do you take in an emergency and in which order? Only if everybody knows the way, you can handle critical situations correctly...


FBS/400 Financial Accounting

20. September 2016
FBS/400 for IBM iSeries AS/400 is an intelligent financial accounting software for all business transactions. The instant booking is done in dialogue, which means it is done in real-time. The many advantages are clear...

XLS/400 Excel Output

19. September 2016
The new XLS/400 brings your iSeries data in shape - in Excel shape. XLS/400 Excel Output is a new software product, which enables the output of iSeries (AS/400) data in Microsoft Excel format.

NAB/400 Native Application Builder

18. September 2016
The development tool NAB/400 provides an easily manageable and intelligent "equality" of the software applications that are in use. Both software developers and users benefit from applications developed this way.

QlikView - in cooperation with S:ITS

17. September 2016
The easy way to analyze data and display results: that is Qlik View. - Fast results for important decisions across all regions, industries, departments and previous systems. Qlik View - business intelligence for all areas and from all data sources!

WMR Software Product Overview

16. September 2016
There is one thing that all WMR prodcuts have in common: the system with which they were and will be developed. One system, combining an intelligent development tool - NAB/400 - with human competence and experience.