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19. September 2016
Wolfgang M. Roser

Pronounced dead by its critics 20 years ago, indispensable for its users - the IBM AS/400 iSeries.

The opinions about this popular system may differ, but when it comes to the presentation of efficient IT solutions, everybody agrees: it is all about the creation of a dynamic infrastructure, just like IBM does. An infrastructure that helps you to reduce costs, minimize risks and optimize services - three timeless evergreens on every company's wishlist. WMR Software-Support GmbH has been helping its clients for more than 20 years to reach their goals. What has an dynamic infrastracture to do with terms like high-availability, 36-environment, XLS/400 and Network Application Builder? The whole is always more than the sum of its parts. Wolfgang M. Roser, owner of WMR Software-Support GmbH, made this quote his company motto and specialized in the development and programming of extensive commercial business applications for IBM iSeries (AS/400). In contrast to other companies, WMR has always been about the wholistic approach, when it comes to the interaction between software, hardware and service.

The product portfolio of WMR Software-Support GmbH:

  • BAB/400 Operational Accounting
  • FEB/400 Electronic Banking
  • FIS/400 Finance Information System
  • ARS/400 Assets Accounting
  • DTB/400 Media Allocation
  • AZE/400 Working Time Recording
  • DWS/400 Data Warehouse System
  • PPS/400 Poster Planning System
  • PWS/400 Poster Advertising System
  • ABS/400 Order Processing
  • GEO/400 Coordinate System
  • GHA/400 Wholesale Processing
  • Partner software such as F95 Freight
  • DUV/400 Duplicate Prevention
  • QlikView cooperation with SIT:S
  • and many more

Wolfgang M. Roser Software-Support GmbH
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Phone.: 01/416 94 49-0, Fax-Ext.: -39

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