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Version 6 Release 50 for FBS/400

19. September 2016
Version 6 Release 50 for FBS/400

The new release for FBS/400 is now available: FBS/400 Financial Accounting System Version 6 Release 50.

The software development of FBS/400 for IBM iSeries (AS/400) is running at full-speed

One of the numerous addtions to this intelligent accounting software from WMR is the logging of all master data changes.

Welcome the next auditor with a smile.

The times are changing. Just like the addresses of your clients and suppliers. Thanks to the new function in FBS/400 all master data changes are logged, therefore you can easily find out which company name was used for invoice no. 060958 in the year 2006.

The logging of master data changes and the resulting opportunity to recreate previous versions is just one of the numerous and comfortable functions FBS/400 users will be able to apply in the future.

Many different cogs form the whole.


We included many different factors in the development of the new release of FBS/400 Version 6. New market requirements, current trends, changing structures in companies, law amendments as well as many client requirements have been recognized and integrated to ensure that all aspects can work together uniformly and consistently. Foresight and conscientious feeling for the future round off the complete works. Set the path for a smart future with FBS/400

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