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NAB/400 Native Application Builder

18. September 2016
NAB/400 Native Application Builder

The development tool NAB/400 Native Application Builder provides an easily manageable and intelligent "equality" of the software applications that are in use. Not only the software developers benefit from this application but also the users who will work with the software, which has been developed this way.

Flexible and independent with NAB/400.

The NAB/400 Application Builder enables you to create a simple master data administration in 15 minutes - with the push of a button. Software applications, which are developed with NAB/400 are very flexible and independent.

Additions and changes of programms can be done in a very short time, which makes it very cost-efficient. Simple changes can even be done by the users themselves.

For example, users of the FBS/400 accounting software can add cost centers, terms of payment, tax keys and country codes, etc. - whenever they are needed. Independent, flexible, smart.

Get smart - stay smart:
Re-design with NAB/400

You are working with solid RPG programs, but you no longer have any support from the original producer of the software product? Changes or additions to your existing RPG software environment make you feel uneasy?

If your answer to one of these questions is 'yes', then you finally have the chance to do something about it. We can offer you to provide a modern and solid basis for your existing software application: Re-design with NAB/400.

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FBS/400 Financial Accounting

20. September 2016
FBS/400 for IBM iSeries AS/400 is an intelligent financial accounting software for all business transactions. The instant booking is done in dialogue, which means it is done in real-time. The many advantages are clear...

XLS/400 Excel Output

19. September 2016
The new XLS/400 brings your iSeries data in shape - in Excel shape. XLS/400 Excel Output is a new software product, which enables the output of iSeries (AS/400) data in Microsoft Excel format.

NAB/400 Native Application Builder

18. September 2016
The development tool NAB/400 provides an easily manageable and intelligent "equality" of the software applications that are in use. Both software developers and users benefit from applications developed this way.

QlikView - in cooperation with S:ITS

17. September 2016
The easy way to analyze data and display results: that is Qlik View. - Fast results for important decisions across all regions, industries, departments and previous systems. Qlik View - business intelligence for all areas and from all data sources!

WMR Software Product Overview

16. September 2016
There is one thing that all WMR prodcuts have in common: the system with which they were and will be developed. One system, combining an intelligent development tool - NAB/400 - with human competence and experience.